STT – Bandaids.

Every year around this time, my beautiful friend Lisa will change her profile picture to one of her and our dear departed friend Stu, who passed away a couple of years ago. This is the tale of a lovely man, with a very aromatic beard.

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STT – My Strange Addiction.

This week’s story isn’t so much an event or strange moment, but rather an item that ties together much of my life.

As many young children do, I had a security blanket growing up. I’ve been told even as a baby I was a self soother, preferring to just suck my thumb and calm myself with my security blanket instead of screaming.
Mine was one of those slip satin petticoat skirts with lace edging, and for some unknown reason, I named my petticoat Bubwee.

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STT – Halloween Special – The Black Dogs.

It’s my favourite holiday of the year, Halloween! I love everything about it, the imagery; the chocolate, the traditions. I’ve loved Halloween ever since I was a little girl growing up on Tim Burton films and forcing trick or treating on my neighbours.

In the spirit (hah!) of the season, I take you to the night of one of my creepiest encounters. Mind the goosebumps!

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Rant Time Thursday – Possum Not Magic.

Today marks the wedding anniversary of what would have been my Nanny and Grandad’s 50th. I was going to write a really emotional piece about my Grandfather’s passing but I got about halfway through before it became much too painful for me to continue writing.

Instead, I’m going to go on a light hearted rant which will be part story about how I got one of my bizarre phobias and part rant about how the thing that causes this phobia needs to be stopped.

Few people know this about me, but I am absolutely terrified to death of possums.

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Taste of a Poisoned Paradise.

A comment relayed to me from a former friend recently got me thinking on the uncomfortable topic of removing toxic people from your life. In my 33 years on this Earth, I’ve had to remove quite a few people from my immediate circle, and I’ve had to remove myself from certain circles as well. I’ve been the toxic person and I’ve had allowed toxic people into my life, worsening it all by enabling them all too often.

Toxicity is something that kind of confuses me, I feel like the word popped up a few years ago, and has been a fantastic way to be able to identify and find others who are experiencing growth in their lives and have reached that terrible milestone of having to remove negative people to move forward.
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